TooFaced Sweet Peach + Peaches & Cream Collection

I’ve accumulated quite a bit of the TooFaced Peach Collection since it first launched in December of 2016.

Surprisingly, I didn’t initially pick up the first launch of the range which was the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette.

super cute packaging
smells amazing

I actually picked up this palette most recently and it’s freaking amazing. I’ve been using it so often. The shadows are pigmented but easy to blend and use, they work for a variety of looks like simple daytime and more extravagant smokey.

The only downside I’ve found with this palette is also something I happen to like about it, weird I know. It has a fragrance. Why the heck would you want something with scent near your eyes? No clue. But it’s adorably sweet and peachy and I actually like smelling it. It does make my eyes water a bit, but honestly, my eyes water with most eyeshadows. Something to keep in mind, I guess.

I also have the Just Peachy Mattes Palette that came out later on.

This palette is amazing as well. I don’t find it as versatile as the Sweet Peach Palette, but the quality is incredible. It has a similar scent as the other palette.

Here’s some photos of looks I’ve done with them.

Check out my Instagram to see more looks.

Next I have some face products from the line. Including the Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Primer and the Peach Perfect Foundation.

average primer, imo
awesome everyday foundation

The primer was pretty average to me. It did fill pores and felt nice but I just wouldn’t choose it over other things I have.

The foundation, on the other hand, is my holy grail of everyday foundations. It has medium-buildable coverage, doesn’t cling to dry patches or over-produce oil, and it just looks like skin. It’s fantastic. I definitely own other foundations but this is the one I reach for most often.

I also have the Sweetie Pie Bronzer and Peach Blur Finishing Powder.

The bronzer has been working great for my skin tone this summer but it’s a bit dark for me during the rest of the year. I’m very fair so I’m sure this would look great if you’re fair-medium. I love that it has different tones mixed in. It gives a really lovely flush that looks surprisingly natural.

The finishing powder is alright, it does provide a slight blurring effect but because I’m so fair it can darken my foundation a bit which I don’t like. I’ll probably try to finish it but I wouldn’t repurchase. If you have a light-medium skin tone I imagine this would work just fine for you but it might appear dark on fair skin tones and possibly ashy on deeper ones, so just beware of that.

I hope this review gives you at least an overview of the collection. I was a bit hesitant to try it out but I’m generally pretty happy with the purchases and I’ll be able to make the products work for me, even if I wouldn’t repurchase some of them.

Have you, or will you, try out anything from this collection? Let me know which ones and what you think in the comment section!

Amazon Wishlist

I’ve decided to do a new feature on my blog called Amazon Wishlist. I’ll be featuring the items that have caught my eye on Amazon at the moment! 

This won’t be something I’ll do too often since I do prefer talking about things I’ve actually used and my opinion on them. But I do think it’s interesting to talk about what’s ended up in my Amazon cart since I’m sure we all love to “window shop” Amazon pretty often, am I right?

I’ve seen a few recommendations online and discovered a few things on my own. I’m not sure if I’ll end up buying them but I often add things to my cart that I’d like and then eventually when the time is right I’ll make the decision to either check-out, or delete them from my cart.

Do you do the same thing?

Full disclosure, the links below are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything but I might receive a small portion of the sale if you choose to buy an item through the link provided.

I’ll be featuring four items today!

#1: The first thing that I went searching for the other night was this…

Fuzzy Blanket!

It might seem crazy adding a blanket to my Amazon cart in the middle of summer but sometimes our AC is a little weird and will get super cold for no reason so it would be nice to have a big fleece blanket to use while waiting for the temperature to even out.

#2: Next I added a book pre-order!

Have you heard of Betches? They have a pretty hilarious Instagram and have become a kind of entrepreneurial empire. Their humour can be a bit dry, sarcastic, and bitchy but hey, that’s their thing!

They’re coming out with a new book in October.

Sounds like I need this!

Here’s an except of the book description:

“We get it. You run shit. You can go from being blackout at drunk brunch to being ready to meet your new boyfriend’s parents in two seconds. But how do you go from being the boss of your personal life to taking charge of your career? That’s where the Betches come in.”

Definitely interested, even if it’s just for a laugh or two.

#3: Next item up might shock you…

Yep, it’s a facial razor!

You might think shaving your face is weird, but once you see how much peach fuzz you can take off, and feel how smooth your skin is after using one, you won’t regret it! Even though this product advertises itself for shaping eyebrows, you can definitely use it all over the face.

And no, it doesn’t make your hair grow back quicker or thicker. It might feel that way simply because the hair will grow back in with a blunt edge (due to being cut in the middle instead of removed by the root like waxing) and less sun-bleached than the hair that was there before, but it’s not more noticeable on me and I have dark hair.

#4: Last one is a little unnecessary but interesting!

But I don’t have grey hair??

This is a straight-up recommendation from Chloe Morello. She’s a beauty YouTuber and she let her viewers know that she perfects her hairline with this powder to make it seem more even and full. A great trick if you want a really sleek high pony tail, for example!

She said you could just as easily use an eye shadow that matches your hair colour, but this product looks like it might have more lasting power… might have to try it out!

So what did you think of this Amazon Wishlist post? Do you have some items floating around in your cart? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m Back!

Here’s one of my most recent Instagram stories since that’s where I post the most frequent updates on things I’m loving.

I’m really excited to get back to blogging and sharing more about the products I love and why.

These two skincare items have been staples in my routine for a while now and I highly recommend them!

This product is crazy affordable!
These are a bit expensive but aren’t meant to be used often 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram already then don’t worry, my posts won’t always be duplicates of my IG stories, I’m hoping to really expand on the information so that if you see something you’re interested in, you can come here to check it out in more detail.

I’m glad to be back on the blog and hope to be posting more often from now on!

What products are your Skin Savers? Let me know in the comments!