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Hi Everyone!

I was shopping for the boyfriend’s birthday and walked past The Body Shop, intrigued. I was determined to go back after I had found some presents for Mr. MWM, haha.

There were a few things that had been on the “little list at the back of my head”, you know, those moments of “I should pick that up the next time I’m there!”.


I found the Mineral and Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask (has been repackaged in Canada) as well as the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask. I’m well aware that a clay mask is a clay mask (they all do the same thing, draw out impurities) but I love them so I didn’t mind picking up both. The Body Shop always has a three for two and I have a membership card so I ended up getting a good deal altogether. I’m looking forward to trying these out and adding them into my weekly mask routine. I would recommend these for oily and/or acne prone skins since they are designed to purify.


The next two things I picked up are the Mango Shower Gel and the Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum. The shower gel smells like a delicious tropical juice (yum!) and the serum felt divine on the back of my hand. Drops of Light is meant to brighten dark spots and even tone but I didn’t realize it was “tested on Asian skin” (says on the back of the box) so I’ll have to report back if it works for me.

Here’s a bonus picture featuring my cat, Bee, who wanted in on the hauling fun!

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Picked up anything new from The Body Shop, recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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